APC Online UPS

We are the leading supplier of APC Online UPS Solution in the market. The products we supply in the market are tested by our expert team. These are designed by the latest technology which give you maximum energy saving and minimum maintainence cost. It supplies you uninterruped power supply for long hours.


  • Low Maintainence cost
  • Economical
  • Energy Saver


  • Medical Equipments
  • IT Loads
  • Data Centre & Server Application
  • Telecom
  • PLC Machines
  • Robotics machines

SF Sonic (Exide) Automotive and Inverter battery

Over the years, SF Sonic batteries have become synonymous with abundant power and raw courage. Undaunted by the challenge of the Indian roads, they have redefined durability and longevity. SF SONIC batteries stay strong throughout their long lifespan. The power never wanes, come what may. As the brand’s equity grew, so did the ambitions. And a new, bold and powerful SF SONIC was born. It is vibrant, dynamic and represented what we wanted to be.

Technology Inside The Battery "All batteries give power, but it takes a SF SONIC to perform at peak power, always. "

Grid Alloy Technology

To better withstand the high temperatures in India, every SF SONIC battery is based on the grid alloy technology according to FB specifications. The grid construction is of central lug type with semi radial construction, a good balance between excellent high rate performance and long life.


The separators employed are PVC for the low cost versions and polyethylene with glass mat reinforcement for the medium and high end.


Made with PP copolymer, the containers have excellent impact resistance and other physical properties. The cover design is uncomplicated with easy to maintain top venting systems. In the case of maintenance free batteries, they have a coin flush filter vent system to give a clean flat maintainable surface with resistance to spark propagation inside battery to avoid the possibility of bursting during charging operations.

Raising the Bar

SF Sonics quality and process control laboratory checks all incoming metals, components and bought out parts. Incoming and blended metals are analyzed for quality with optical emission spectrograph. Moreover, the SF Sonic R&D setup, approved by the Ministry of Science Technology Government of India, is a high-tech hub of innovation.


The plant at Taloja, is equipped with state-of-art machinery and instrumentation. Many such equipment have been designed and produced with in-house capabilities, saving cores in foreign exchange. Operations are also conducted on machines developed with the know-how of latest technology from Japan. The plant takes credit for inning several laurels: