Rsv is promoted and managed by persons having about fourteen years of experience in technical service of Consumer Electronics and IT related products in city of Chennai, India.

This Rsv is primarily promoted to bridge the gap between reputed manufacturers and consumers and also update the product trends and prices on a real time basis.A large part of our approach was to enable workflow Integration both on a large scale in business for user and to configure good administration.

We also provides excellent information to Compare brands and product lines from various manufacturers and take a decision to purchase an appropriate product of choice.

Values Of RSV

RSV has a core purpose - to build a world-class global company with a reputation for Integrity and Excellence.These are our core values.


As a company we are making commitments every day - to our customers, our people, our partners, our suppliers,and our investors. Integrity is being true in our communication to each and every one and then meeting these commitments.
The trust that this creates for RSV is, and will continue to be, the foundation of our success.


Excellence inspires! An environment of excellence inspires us to do our very best every time. The resulting recognition inspires us to do even better the next time. This positive cycle is what we actively work to create and enhance in RSV. Our aim is to inspire each of us at RSV to produce work that ultimately delights us and every one of our customers.

In order to enhance our culture, we are always looking to bring in people who will lead the company towards higher standards of integrity and excellence. People who share these values feel inspired to work in RSV and they in turn attract customers who place a high value on integrity and excellence. In fact the entire eco-system of customers, partners, suppliers, and investors, that we gravitate towards is one that shares these values. It is our endeavor to set an outstanding example that will inspire those who interact with us and we are always looking for opportunities to work with people who will inspire us further.


In aiming of innovotion, surround yourself with those think Differently than you. Doing so will allow you more perspective than what you would be Capable of.
Understand your users and keep a good relationship for a long term benifit.


My best wishes to Power Rich infrastructure for success and keep up the good work. Looking forward for long term relation with Power Rich infrastructure.


Thank you very much for your kind support the team of Power Rich Infrastructure. I am really satisfied as I have received the expected benefits from you.